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Abseiling is an incredibly enjoyable activity and requires virtually no strength or skill as such! It is a fantastic technique used for descending a vertical pitch and this fine activity is one you will encounter twice during your Wild experience at Wookey Hole. (If you have not abseiled before, this really is something to look forward to!)

The first of the abseils is achieved after your short climb up the cliff and into the cave, through some fascinating historical chambers and passages before you emerge – oh wow look at that – 30ft above the ground! From here it really starts to get exciting, this is your first quest and one which our instructors will work with you to achieve successfully and safely. Perched in the alcove above the abseil pitch are some mesmerising crystal walls, ensure you absorb this beautiful part of the cave walls before descending, as you are not coming back here!

Remember to wave hello to the Witch as you touch on home turf, and admire the view while the rest of your group catch up. Chamber 1 is the most photographed chamber in Wookey and home to our famous female stalactite, as well as the other largest formations in Wookey. See how many you can see as you explore this chamber from above and below.

Later in the experience, you will encounter our COLOSSAL, our MAMMOTH, our HUMUNGOUS 100ft abseil. (We think you get the picture, it’s pretty big!) Even with a good head for heights, this can be a daunting prospect. However, our instructors are there to support you if you need it and guide you through any challenging moments. Even for our clients in need of a little encouragement, both abseils are still usually top highlights of the course. Remember how incredibly rare it is to see the famous caverns in Wookey from such a beautiful platform, and keep your eyes on the prize! You’ll regret it if you don’t.