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Wild Wookey – Accessibility

Is the experience suitable for anyone?

Wild Wookey welcomes individuals with accessibility needs, wherever possible. Please read on to find out if Wild Wookey is a suitable activity for you or someone you know.

Wild Wookey is a physically demanding and psychologically challenging adventure caving experience. The experience involves climbing, abseiling, crawling, walking, Via Ferrata and more. Due to the nature of the experience and the inherently hazardous environment in which the experience takes place it is vital that every person undertaking the experience can understand and follow instructions. In addition to this guests must have sufficient hand-eye/hand-leg co-ordination and each must be physically able to walk, crouch, reach, crawl and grip with their hands unaided.

Regrettably, the requirements above may mean that for some, Wild Wookey would not be a suitable or, an enjoyable activity. In this instance, a general Guided Tour of Wookey Hole Caves could be considered or, if this is not appropriate, another way in which to access the caves may be through the ‘Virtual Tour’ of Wookey Hole Caves situated within the Wookey Hole Caves and Attractions complex. More details of these alternative activities can be found on the Wookey Hole website:

If you are still unsure about whether you or someone else can participate in the Wild Wookey Adventure Caving Experience please contact us through one of our communication channels listed at the end of this page. We will happily answer any questions and/or talk to you about the experience in more detail.

Please also see the FAQ page of our website for individual height, waist, weight and age requirements, as well as a list of medical conditions for which Wild Wookey is unsuitable:

Booking the experience

Wild Wookey is mindful of the best interests of all participants and kindly request that all disabilities, impairments and mental health conditions are disclosed at the time of booking.

If you are unsure whether the experience is suitable for you or someone else please contact us as soon as possible. We love talking to our customers and are more than happy to advise over the phone where we can.

Please note: Failure to disclose any relevant information could result in exclusion or withdrawal from the experience, therefore it is essential that you alert us to health conditions, disabilities or anything else about which you think we should know (e.g recent surgery).

Failing to inform us of any additional needs could jeopardise your welfare and that of other participants. All information shared will remain confidential and any information provided will only be passed confidentially to the instructor(s) and any ancillary personnel in the unlikely event of an emergency.

Wild Wookey is an adventure caving experience involving heights, enclosed spaces and proximity to deep water and is a physically challenging and demanding activity.

We love hearing from you, so please do contact us if you have any questions at all.There are a variety of ways to contact us, details of which can be found below:

You can…
Chat with us over the phone: 01749 672243
Have a conversation with us via email:
Drop us a Facebook message:
Or write to us: Wild Wookey
Wookey Hole Caves
Wookey Hole

Please note: All adventure caving experiences for individuals with additional needs are accommodated for in the afternoon sessions (beginning at 1.45pm) we host. Bookings are requested to be made as early as possible, simply to ensure we can make the necessary arrangements for you.

Every effort will be made to accommodate individuals living with disabilities, impairments or health conditions. However, due to the nature of the course there are some circumstances in which individual needs reach beyond the capabilities of our instructors.