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There is a funny stipulation that all us cavers do underground, is roll around in the mud and crawling through horrible, right, nasty low passages for miles on end… We are pleased to say that while some may do this and only this, for fun, this is not typical of the average ‘caver’ and in the majority of cases; this is certainly not the motivation for going caving.

While there are inevitably some low passages in the caves, crawling is kept to a bare minimum and only undertaken when necessary. After most arduous crawls, most cavers are rewarded for their efforts with stunning, exclusive views and spectacular formations.

Here at Wookey, we are delighted to say we are no different and there are some gorgeous grottoes awaiting dedicated participants.

Crawling in the Wild Wookey experience comprises of four separate crawls, making up a total distance of 27 metres; not a huge distance considering the total experience takes you on a near 700m journey!