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Wild Wookey are searching for a new wave of Young Cavers

Wild Wookey is looking for young individuals to join on to a Wild Wookey Adventure Caving Experience. For children wishing to pursue caving as an out-of-school activity and improve their climbing abilities, knowledge of geology and understanding of underground safety; we are offering generous discounts to students wishing to pursue Wild Wookey as a regular activity as well as, for those able to use Wild Wookey as their Physical Activity as part of their Duke of Edinburgh Award. Recent worldwide events have demonstrated the wealth of extraordinary talent developed in the subterranean world, here in the Mendip Hills. We believe there are children at every school, who possess the skillset and necessary attitude to one day, join modern day heroes across the world in international efforts of rescue, exploration and discovery.

Wild Wookey offers students the opportunity to experience Wookey Hole’s extensive cave system, under the watchful eye of our World-class, expert instructors.

Our aim is to overcome the common misconceptions associated with caves and caving.

We aspire to create a new generation of knowledgeable, talented and capable young cavers who are aware of the risks involved, prepare accordingly and take the correct equipment. Here at Wild Wookey we can help nurture young people’s desire to explore the vast caverns beneath Somerset and teach them to explore safely, be curious about the world around them and uncover for themselves the untouched beauty of the Mendip Caves.

Speak to us today about caving for young people and let us help you bring them into the magnificent, undiscovered and concealed world of British Caving.

Caving – Climbing – Via Ferrata – Abseiling – Zip Lining – Boat Journey

 This activity may count towards your Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Physical section, please check with your Duke of Edinburgh leader before booking.