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The experience


You’ll start by entering the Bat Cave; getting suited and booted into your oversuit, helmet and harnesses before watching your safety demonstration. From here, the real adventure will commence!

Our instructor will guide you up the cave path, leading you past visitors queuing for tours of the showcave. Your journey will begin with a short climb up the rugged cliff face and after taking one last look at sunlight falling over the valley; you’ll step foot inside the first cavern, guided by the synthetic light of your headlamp. Leaving daylight behind, you’ll squeeze through the cosy alternative entrance and begin your extraordinary journey off the ‘beaten path’ and into the walls of Sunlight Chamber. Straight on to your hands and knees, it’s the first crawl…

From this chamber, it’s a short walk with some stoops so be sure to keep an eye out and look for ancient relics indicating the cave’s previous residents! Then it’s time to clip on for your ‘slope n rope’ exercise leading to Sand Chamber.

Remember the boat from your Guided Tour of the caves? No? That’s okay because you’re about to get nicely acquainted. You’re about to face your first abseil. Stepping out into the purple abyss, you’ll begin your 30 feet descent down to the Riverbank. Wave hello to the Witch as you take in a bat’s-eye view of the cave and take note of the aquatic vehicle you will be using later, to make your river crossing!

With your feet firmly back on the floor, it’s time to stretch those legs with a showcave walkthrough! Travelling through the Witch’s Kitchen, the Great Hall and the Witch’s Parlour, you’ll witness the beauty hundreds of thousands travel to marvel at every year. Straying back off the beaten track, the next stage of your experience awaits you; the River Traverse and Wobbly Bridge…

Mastering Via Ferrata style climbing, you are going to excel at the overhanging traverse and seek refuge on the perilous bridge that dangles above the water. Keep lookout for the Wookey Hole Cave Divers passing underneath you as you carefully edge your way over the bridge and onto the final stretch of the water traverse. A little easier on the arms, the final upward stretch of the Via Ferrata water route leads the way for the mammoth abseil. Say goodbye to Cathedral Chamber, as you head for the highest climb yet…

Gazing up, you can see where the next stretch of the journey will take you; to the ceiling of Wookey Hole Caves! Familiar with the ‘Clip ‘n’ Climb’ procedure, you are going to use those safety connectors of yours to reach a remarkable new height. A near vertical climb, passing a stunning and intricately decorated ‘grotto’ there will be the chance for a pit stop, while you absorb these beautiful formations, exclusively available to adventurous cavers. Upon reaching the top, a suspended platform is your means to an end. It’s a daunting prospect but stepping out into the vast chasm on Chamber 9, an incredible sense of achievement awaits you at the floor of the caves. It’s your last abseil. A 100ft descent is yours for the taking…

Wellies finally back on mother Earth and it’s time to reunite your group with the infamous Wookey Hole Boat! Photographed in the caves since the early half of the 1900s, this relaxing boat ride makes a welcome contrast to the adrenaline fuelled climbing, crawling and abseiling endured previously. It doesn’t stop there though! Hop on board and process the surreal experience of being afloat in a boat, looking for waves in the caves. Relax by all means but remember there’s a little bit more cave to go before you meet with daylight once again…

It’s time for the final stretch of your journey. Making your way through the recently rediscovered Charon’s Rift (lost in time and found again by our caving instructors) it’s a short uphill journey to the passage leading to the outside world. Allow the fresh breeze from outside to meet with your airwaves as you prepare for your final descent on to solid ground. Peering out from the carved alcove in the cliff, you will enjoy an exclusive viewpoint in the ravine, overlooking the stunning valley and park. From here you’ll take a flying leap from this platform and enjoy a thrilling ride to the floor where you can turn around and look back, at the magical underground world YOU have conquered!

What’s included:

  • Three hours of unforgettable, challenging and exhilarating moments guided by our highly experienced and qualified caving instructors
    “Behind The Scenes” exploration of the World famous showcaves at Wookey Hole
  • Abseiling with utterly beautiful, awe-inspiring, breath-taking views
  • European-style Via Ferrata climbs (The longest underground Via Ferrata route in England!)
  • Traversing activity over the vividly green water of the River Axe
  • Contrastingly peaceful Boat Ride in the iconic ‘Wookey Boat’
  • VIP style exit from the cave via the newly rigged Zip Line!
  • Unique access to previously hidden passages
  • Chances to get up, close and personal with rare geological and archaeological features, unseen by the general public
  • An authentic caving trip in an AONB; The Mendip Hills
  • Fascinating educational and historical information throughout
  • FREE photographs of your experience
  • FREE certificate upon completion

    And more… ‘Well, we have to leave some surprises!’